I managed to get all but one of my VMs centralized in ESXi. As of now, they are stored in my NAS and I run ESXi off of the two internal 480 GB SSDs (RAID 1). Long-term, I will get more SSDs and create another storage pool so that the VMs can be stored locally. I’m not having any notable performance problems, but I have accidentally rebooted my NAS while using the VMs (twice). Luckily, nothing bad has happened. I then created a fresh Ubuntu server. I also created an Ubuntu desktop for curiosity. I tinkered with that thing for a while and the snap thing and…well, I don’t get it. It seems pretty useless with my personal WindowsPro VM and my iMac. I haven’t deleted it, yet, but I think it is destined for the trash bin.

I am confident now that I can move forward with my initial plan.

The next step is to get the server off of the floor. I did some internet searches for the best price on the ready rails that the server was designed to use (part number 770-BBJJ) and found them for 50% less than what Dell was charging during my build configuration. I don’t know how their prices differ if you buy from them after your server is delivered, but that is a substantial price difference. I also settled on the StarTech 15U 19″ adjustable rack. This is my first piece of rack-able equipment. But, I can buy mounting brackets for my Unifi gear and I know this is the beginning of an adventure, not the end.

I am still amazed at how loud (and warm) it is.

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