With a nice, fresh Ubuntu server at my disposal, it’s time to deep-dive into Docker! I’ve tinkered with QNAP’s version of Docker and have some containers running, so I get the basics. The first things that I wanted to get running on Docker are:

  • Unifi Controller
  • Minecraft Bedrock Edition
  • Minecraft Java Edition
  • MySQL

Getting the containers running like I wanted ended up being a challenge. Churning through the interwebs led me to posts that the version of Docker that Ubuntu installs (the Docker snap) has some really annoying limitations. What is it with these snaps? I am not a fan. So I trashed my containers and my snap Docker install and did it the normal way–following the official Docker install guides. After that, all is well.

I don’t remember how/where but I came across Portainer during this time. It’s kinda nifty and reminds me of the QNAP Container Station interface (only better). You can’t beat using the command line (or Docker compose) for new containers, but I like Portainer after the container is created.

I spent a couple of weeks with software: Docker, Minecraft, Portainer, doing some dumb stuff, recovering from the dumb stuff, breaking and re-doing my Ubuntu server. Good stuff. And, the server is still loud. And hot.


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  1. Snap packages have never worked well in my usage and they always leave stuff behind. Docker is a blast though and great for small software projects. I have a bunch running on my unraid server. Its the best way to run the unifi controller by far. A full VM was too much and a cloud key was too little. Also check out Pi Hole, it can be run as a docker container and is how I run it.

    • Does Pi Hole have any adverse effects on any of the websites you visit? I’ve wondered if some sites block their content if ads get blocked. I’d personally find that more annoying than ads.

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