As the “W” in “Wife Approval Factor,” Chief Technologist and Interior Decorator, I clamped on to the idea of running multiple gaming virtual machines on one beefy server as if the fate of the world depended on it. Relegating server noise to an obscure place in the house? Yes! Managing all heat in a central place? Yes! Being able to tech support centrally? Absolutely! Only having one “device” to upgrade? Oh, yeah. I am all in. The technologist is giddy.

I read tons of online content, watched lots of videos and reviewed the reviews. I peppered the young adults in my life who spend 99% of their time on their PCs playing games with questions about gaming technology. Figured out what the young Lawlors were in to and tried to determine their current and near-term tech requirements. Made a list. Checked it twice.

The Plan is forming.


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